There is something magical about Unicorns and Rainbows.  A feeling of bliss, tranquillity and pure happiness just at the sight of them.  Children especially love unicorns and rainbows.  They love to draw and colour them as well as splashing them all over their bedroom walls, duvet covers and cushions.  So why not have a party to enjoy them?

Well the sun came out today big time and this put a buzz in the KidzCraft office and we went unicorn and rainbow mad.  The paints came out to play and suddenly there was a rainbow of colour together with some sparkles everywhere.  We had fun and hope you do too at your party!

Frisbee Unicorns
Kit bag rainbow
Pottery Unicorn
White Cotton Pencil Case To Colour

So if you are planning your child’s next birthday party and thinking about doing some crafts with them, how about a Unicorn and Rainbow Party? Paint up a t-shirt, a frisbee or a kit bag with so much colour and sparkle.  All you need is some fabric paints and a few colourful jewels or fabric embellishments to stick on.  We also have unicorn pottery, wait till the kids see them and splash some paint on.  Let the kids enter the magical world of mystery painting unicorns and rainbows.  Spread the magic!

Party Bags

Perfect finish for your party, let the children colour up their own party bags.  White paper party bags are great for colouring and personalising.  Get your colouring felt tip pens out, print some templates from online, have some stickers ready and complete your beautiful bags with some pretty ribbons.  Ready for the kids to take home their finished unicorn and rainbow crafts and a piece of birthday cake!

Party Bag White Unicorns

Party Game Prizes

If you are planning some party games as well at your party, then this is the perfect prize!  Unicorn Magic Painting Book.  Pages and pages of pre-drawn gorgeous unicorn and rainbow pictures ready to be brought to life.  Just add water with a paint brush and watch the magic!  Kids love them. Great prize or gift idea for children.

unicorn magic painting book

Lets keep the magic alive in children!

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