Top 10 Selling Products – Kids Craft Ideas

We are often asked what our most popular Craft Party theme is and although it varies with the times of year, the school holidays, the weather and of course baby boom months. However, these are the kids craft ideas that are always in our top 10 selling products:

  1. T-shirt Painting – an open canvas on a t-shirt! Allowing kids to use so much imagination with fabric paints and pens and also adding extra fun bits too in some sparkly jewels or fabric bows.  Kids just love creating their own t-shirt!  For more info visit
  2. Animal Pottery Painting – we have some of the cutest little animals to paint, everyone loves to paint up a fun character, even Grandma!  For more info visit
  3. Party Crowns – great party idea for the little ones! They can just add as much decoration as they want on a top quality card colourful crown and then parade around in it at the party.  For more info visit
  4. Sand Lizards – the kids just can’t get enough of these adorable little creatures! Sand filled lizards with a plain white fabric coating just begging for some colour.  Blending fabric pens give some lovely effects, its a fab kids craft activity.  They dry quick and the kids can play with them pretty much straight away
  5. Dinosaurs – are you having a Jurassic Party? Let the kids go wild and create their very own dinosaur using our pre-cut dinosaur shapes.  A perfect children’s party craft activity.