“We thought your kits were excellent value for money, the t-shirts were much higher quality than I expected, instructions were fine and party was a huge success… t-shirt painting even kept the 6 year old boys entertained which was no mean feat!”

Mrs C – Oxfordshire

White short sleeved children's t-shirt


  • a bunch of white t-shirts
  • a rainbow of colour fabric paints and fabric pens
  • paint brushes and palettes
  • scattering of jazzy jewels
  • fun felt hearts or butterflies
  • and some eager kids bursting with creativity


T-shirt  decorating is very much an individual display of imagination and creativity.  There are no set rules to create a fabulous t-shirt design.  Offer the kids a good choice of colours and textures and let them loose to express themselves. Children can draw freehand with their own ideas, use stencils or draw over a template placed inside their t-shirt if they wish.

Top Tip for a successful party ‘its all in the planning’.  Prepare as much as you can in advance.  Cover your table with a plastic table cover for protection.  Lay out fabric paints, fabric pens, 3D fabric paints, brushes, sponges and stencils along the centre of the table so all the children can reach.  Pour fabric paints into paint palettes for easy sharing.  Lay out a t-shirt for each child as well as an apron to keep those party clothes protected.  Maybe have some drawing and decorating ideas printed out for the kids too.

Fabric Paints Funky
So Soft Fabric Paints

Using Fabric Paint is very easy for children, just apply with either a paint brush or a sponge dabber for different textures.  We offer fabric paints sets in Funky and Standard colours all of which can be mixed to create more colours.  Or add a bit of white fabric paint to any colour to make paler shades too.  Pour the paint into paint palettes so its easy to share amongst the kids.  A selection of different size brushes also offers the children with a variety of painting techniques.  Sponges give a great coverage on a t-shirt and are super easy for the younger ones.

Once the painting is complete, bring on the glitzy bit. Place some saucers or colourful little bowls on the table, fill with fun embellishments e.g. Jazzy Jewels, Felt Hearts, Flowers, Butterflies or Ribbon Riot.  The kids eyes will light up with all the colours, shapes and textures to choose from. You will need some fabric glue to fix the embellishments with.  The glue dries clear and stays on after washing.  You will also need some paint brushes, water pots and some kitchen roll for the kids to dry their brushes with when changing colours.  KidzCraft has everything you need.

Place a t-shirt ready for each child on the table and you’re good to go.  Put a piece of cardboard inside each t-shirt, this helps to keep it taught for them to work on easily and also stops the paints running through to the back.  Tip: collect empty cereal packets ahead of the party, these work brilliantly.

Giotto Fabric Marker Pens and Berol Fabric Pens in packs of 12 colours.  Easy to use, just like a felt tip pen.  Great for drawing and writing, but can also be used for colouring small areas. Berol fabric pens have 2mm nibs, great for drawing and Giotto fabric pens have 4mm nibs, great for colouring.  We love them!

Take it a step further and put some 3D on your t-shirt.  We have a choice of 5 different 3D fabric paint sets, Neon, Sparkle, Pearl, Glow In The Dark and also Standard colours.  They are in squeezy tubes with nozzles, very easy to glide over fabric to either edge, dot or write with.

When the kids have finished painting, they can add some sparkling jewels, felt flowers as well as ribbons using fabric glue.  These little bits make all the difference and can turn their t-shirts into unique art!

Fixing the t-shirts doesn’t need to be done straight away or indeed at the party. Leave the t-shirts lying flat somewhere safe whilst the kids are off playing games or having birthday tea.  The kids can take them home at the end of the party. KidzCraft  provides a Fixing Note for each child to take home so their parents can fix them the next day when they are completely dry.

Fabric Painting Instructions, Ideas, Tips and Fixing Notes are all included with t-shirt painting orders.

Berol Fabric Marker Pens 2 PK12

Another idea is to pre-print some templates on A4 paper for the kids to place inside their t-shirts and draw over with the fabric marker pens and then paint or colour inside the lines.  They can then add their own effects around the main drawing.  Ideas:  animals, favourite characters, flowers, sports, favourite pop band.

Girls and Boys both love t-shirt painting so this is a great party idea for everyone to enjoy from 2 years up! 

Party Time!

Received my order the next day, thank you for the prompt delivery. The t-shirts were great, excellent quality! The kids used the fabric paints and had a lovely time. We had a very amusing fashion show in the garden afterwards. It was a great idea for a party so thank you KidzCraft.

Mrs N – Yorkshire

Go on start planning your T-shirt Painting Party Idea!!