Pottery Painting Party Planning Tips, we hear you, what do you need for your party? Here’s some tips for what you might need, guidance on how much paint, what size brushes and also any accessories that may be useful.  We are happy to help to ensure your party runs smoothly and successfully.  Please see the list below of the essentials you will need for your party as well as some optional extras you may also like to add.

Pottery Animal

  • Dinosaur
  • Dragon
  • Butterfly
  • Dolphin
  • Fairy
  • Ladybug
  • etc

Painting Accessories:

  • Acrylic paint set
    –  Choose 1 or 2 different sets
  • Paint palettes
  • Paint brushes
    – Pack of 12 assorted
    – Size 10 brushes
    – Size 4 brushes
    (see below for info)

Optional Extras:

  • Disposable aprons
  • Plastic table cover

Pottery Painting

Once you and your child have decided how many friends will be coming to your party, you can go ahead and choose which pottery pieces to paint.  Some customers choose a varied selection of pieces so each child has a different shape to paint.  Others choose say 4 pieces and purchase a quantity of each.  Its totally up to you.  Each piece is a similar size and they all come white, blank and ready to paint.


Figuring out how much paint you need is the most common question we get asked.  As a general guideline we would say 1 pack of acrylic paints (5 bottles) should easily cover 10 pottery pieces.  It depends on the age of the children as younger kids tend to use more paint.  Choosing 2 different acrylic paint sets provides the children with a greater selection of colours. We have a choice of 5 different sets to choose from – Funky, Standard, Pastel, Metallic Colours and Metallic Gold and Silver.


Paint Brushes – a good standard size for coverage is the Size 10 wooden brush.  We also offer a Size 04 which is useful for adding details e.g. eyes, stripes, claws.  Alternatively you could purchase the Assorted Pack of brushes with a good range of sizes for everyone.  As long as there is at least 1 brush for each child you’re good to go, but a selection on the table can encourage the children to experiment with painting techniques as well as different end results.

Paint Palettes – the kids can share so place them on the table so they can easily reach.  A guideline for this would be 1 palette between 4 children maximum.


Optional extras but very useful ones are disposable aprons to keep their clothes protected from spills.  You will also want to cover your table with a protective plastic table cover.

Water pots and kitchen roll to dry the brushes when changing paint colours are useful too.  But I’m sure you will have these at home already, just need to add to your list for the party. (Old yoghurt pots work great or little plastic beakers).

So your Pottery Painting Party planning should now feel a lot easier, we hope!

An instruction and ideas information sheet is also provided with all pottery painting orders.

Lastly, but above all have fun!

Example Order:

  • 10 pottery pieces
  • 2 acrylic paint sets
  • 3 paint palettes
  • 10 brushes size 10
  • 10 brushes size 4
  • 1 pack of aprons
  • 1 plastic table cover

Approx £68.23 including Free UK Postage

Are you ready to create a rainbow on pottery?