Ahoy there! PIRATE PARTY alert! Always a popular children’s party theme.  It gives little kids the opportunity to dress up and become a character for the day.  What’s better than a costume and a bit of make up and off to the party!  You can go wild with the pirate party theme – Party Invitations, Costumes, Decorations, Tableware, Games, Craft Activity and even Party Bags.

How about the kids making their own Pirate Treasure Chests and then at the end of the party you can have a Treasure Hunt!  Kids love a craft activity at a party, making things with their friends.  Bring out the creativity in children.  The finished chests also work as a brilliant Party Bag idea.

Make Your Own Treasure Chest

All pirates need a chest to keep their treasures in!  Great craft activity idea for your party, get the kids to paint and decorate their own pirate treasure chest.  Our wooden chests are perfect for painting with metallic gold and silver paints and then add some sparkly jewels and fun pirate stickers.  Simple easy party idea.  Leave to dry and they are ready to fill with little treasures.

What do you need?

  • Wooden chests
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint palettes
  • Paint brushes
  • Jazzy jewels
  • PVA glue and cotton buds
  • Pirate stickers
  • Waterproof protective table cover
  • Disposable aprons (optional extra)

How to organise your craft activity for your Pirate Party.  Cover your table with a waterproof protective table cover, perhaps a black or red to keep with the theme.  Pour the paints into paint palettes so the children can share them and top up when necessary. Lay them along the centre of the table so they can reach them easily.  Put jewels in saucers in various places on the table.  Scatter the pirate stickers around the table. PVA glue can be decanted into smaller pots (old jar lids work well) and provide some cotton buds for the kids to dip and dab glue with.  Place a wooden chest and paint brush in front of each child.  Now away you go me hearties, lets get creative!

You can find everything you need for this craft activity on our Pirate Treasure Chest page