We love receiving party photos from our customers showing what a huge success their craft party was.  Its so lovely to see all the little kids happy faces showing off what they have made.  It makes what we do all worth while.  It is also really helpful for other parents to see your children’s craft party ideas.  How you’ve set the party up and this can also give them little hints on what they need to buy. Always great to share ideas.  Organising your child’s birthday party can be quite daunting sometimes but seeing other parties in action can definitely help.

Your photo could be the kids at the table doing the chosen party craft.  Your party table all set up ready to go.  Or indeed the finished masterpieces.  Get snapping!

Send us your party snaps for us to share on our website.  We’ll send you a special discount voucher for yourself or a friend as a thank you!

Email your photos to sales@kidzcraft.co.uk

Thank You