What’s more fun than making your own party crowns with your friends at your birthday party?

Just add some Jewels, Feathers, Foam Shapes and Stickers to create your own fun crown

Let the kids get creative and get decorating!

A great children’s party idea for girls and boys

KidzCraft’s own designed and manufactured pack of white card crowns for children to decorate and make their own. From a simple craft idea to an extravaganza, the choice is yours.  Provide the children with a variety of crafty decorations to choose from so they can create a wonderful crown to wear at the party.


This is the fun bit – with a choice of Jewels, stickers, foam shapes, shiny shape sequins, pom poms, feathers or even glitter. Depending on your budget just choose the bits you want. Or choose our  Party Crowns Decoration Kit with plenty of fun bits in, enough for a pack of 10 crowns which makes it nice and easy for you.  Just add any extra bits if you wish.

They could also use felt tip colouring pens or colouring pencils to draw and colour fancy designs around their decorations.


The party crowns are made from thick good quality white card, 300gsm so they are sturdy and will last.  You can buy a pack of 10 crowns in 2 designs (5 of each). Crowns come flat packed and ready to open out on a flat surface either a table or on the floor at the party.  This makes it really easy for the children to decorate. Each crown has a tab and slots at the back to fit various head sizes.

Kids love them! Its a perfect party pack for children’s parties and events.

One of our most popular birthday party ideas! You will find everything you need on our Party Crowns page.  Crowns, decorations and also optional handy extras like PVA glue, plastic table covers and disposable aprons.

Children’s Party Crowns – Make Your Own – Fun Party Activity