Packaging Environment Sustainable

Packaging – A Global Problem!

Yes, Green is the new Black and we are all starting to realise our individual impact on the planet.  Packaging is a HUGE problem and we all need to take a good look at what we buy, how sustainable we are and make the necessary changes to become more environmentally friendly to help save our planet.  With billions of tons of waste filling landfills globally, society is hopefully becoming increasingly environment conscious.

What Can We Do?

As parents we are a large force that can make a change.  We buy a lot of products for our children.  Products that are generally packaged using materials that are damaging. Imagine if we all demanded the big companies to change their ways and source more sustainable packaging ideas. It can start here, at home, with everyone.  Its  all too easy to say “its just one plastic bag” or “one plastic toy”. However, when there are 100,000,000 people buying that one bag/toy etc our problems just get bigger and bigger.

As people grow more conscious of the impact modern life is having on the planet, the support for the pro-environment movement is increasing. Make that change today! For our children! For our Planet!

What is KidzCraft Doing?

As an internet business, KidzCraft is very conscious of our impact only too well.  We feel we have a responsibility to source and demand recyclable and biodegradable or compostable materials from our suppliers too.  There is a need to encourage the manufacturers to produce better products for the environment.  KidzCraft are making a change in our own packaging materials.  We are currently sourcing new packaging materials away from the plastic mailing bags to a biodegradable bag.  Seeking innovative ideas for packaging in a sustainable way, so you the consumer can either recycle or compost packaging.

We already use cardboard boxes which can be re-used or recycled for craft ideas with your children or composted.  We also recycle any boxes that we see as fit to be used again rather than recycle straight away saving needless resources.  Our aim is to use only biodegradable void fill peanuts or paper inside boxes when necessary.

Our own products are moving towards new packaging ideas to ensure we are doing everything possible to be kind to the environment.  Using less packaging wherever possible.

Lets all pull together and reduce the impact we are making on our beautiful world.