It’s starting to look like it’s safe to bring back some normality to our lives. So, lets keep smiling, planning and moving forward. With restrictions starting to ease and the weather starting to warm up we can look ahead and start to plan. Hurray! Children are still having birthdays and we can now start to celebrate in some way.  Having had a year of not being able to party, we can now hopefully be able to mix in small groups in the coming months. Ok, yes, kids birthday parties are going to be a little different for a while to keep everyone safe and well.  Luckily we are heading into spring and summer. We can do all our parties outside in the garden, the park or even at the beach if you are lucky to be close enough.  Fresh air is the key thing, as well as allowing all the kids to move about and enjoy the party outside. With that in mind, lets go!

children's garden party

Things to think about…

  • Spring parties will probably need to keep to the ‘rule of 6’
  • Summer parties hopefully it will be safe to increase the numbers (fingers crossed)
  • Keeping kids well spaced for tea – either around a table or may be a few picnic blankets or set up a circle of logs or cushions to sit on
  • Try to steer away from the usual buffet style birthday tea and think about making up a yummy box or basket of food for each individual child
  • Label drink cups and straws
  • Washing hands on arrival and also keep that sanitizer handy
  • Cupcakes instead of a birthday cake (no blowing out those candles unfortunately)
  • Kids birthday parties are back!

Party Activities

If you’re thinking, what can I do safely with the children at the party? What fun garden activities can we do? What birthday party activities would be a great idea? There are plenty of options of fun things to do that will keep them all entertained. Just being back with their friends will never feel so good.  Of course they will have loads of fun and make some great memories together again.

Just a few ideas

  • Create a piece of art – it doesn’t have to be a giant canvas like in the photo. All you need is a bunch of canvasses, some acrylic craft paints, palettes as well as a pack of brushes. Then the kids can use their imagination for their very own masterpiece
  • T-shirt Painting – always a great idea for a garden party. It’s easy to spread the children out with a t-shirt and a bunch of fabric pens or a palette of fabric paints. Again, just leave to dry in the sun or along the washing line, perfect!
  • Lizards – now this is a brilliant idea. Using fabric pens the kids can colour their own sand filled lizard. Create some great patterns.
  • Frisbees – perfect for the garden, park or beach. Design your own frisbee.  You only need the frisbees and a bunch of fabric pens. Then let the frisbee fun begin!
  • Pottery Painting – we have a great choice of pottery animals to paint up and bring to life
  • Party Crowns – something for the little one’s, colouring and sticking some fun decorations to make the best crowns ever
  • Flower Pots – why not paint some garden terracotta pots with lots of fun colours. Leave them to dry in the sun. Then get the kids to fill their pots with soil and also add a plant or some seeds for them to watch grow

Whatever you decide for your birthday party enjoy the day, take lots of photos and make it a day to remember

Birthday Parties Are Back!!