BEADS, Beads, beads…..loads of them!

Jewellery making time! Get busy making necklaces, bracelets, key rings, bag decorations or whatever you like.  With a huge variety of beads to choose from we are sure you can make your own jewellery making kit for your party.

Children’s Jewellery Party

Looking for a great craft activity for the kids for an upcoming birthday party?  If you are having your party at home this year, then a jewellery party is a very easy option.  You will just need a variety of beads, some elastic cords and some pots to put the beads on the table with. Kids love beads and making different things with them.  Assorted colours, shapes and textures allow them to create a variety of stunning jewellery pieces.  Wooden beads, plastic beads, heart beads, pony beads and lots of fun shaped beads too.  The choice is theirs.  Easy to thread and fun to design.  Go ahead and make some lovely necklaces and bracelets.

Setting Up Your Jewellery Party

So what do you need for a great jewellery party?  Simple, just some beads, elastic threads, bowls, scissors and some buzzing children raring to go!  No need for pliers or extra tools with our beads.  Its a great sharing party so brilliant for the children to do with their friends.  Lay out a variety of beads in bowls along the table so the kids can reach them easily.  Place a soft table mat or a bowl with a napkin in front of each child for them to set up their design, this also helps to minimise runaway beads!  Pre-cut some pieces of elastic thread before the party to suitable lengths for necklaces and bracelets.  Measure on your own child and add a bit for knotting and tying.

Hosting Your Own Party

No jewellery making experience is needed to host a children’s creative party.  We supply a variety of beads which allow the kids to be engrossed and create their own style.  With a few helpful tips from KidzCraft.  You will have everything you need to supervise your own party. 

It really is a mess free and stress free party choice.  You will be amazed at how calmly and easily the children make their jewellery all by themselves.  Some adult supervision may be necessary with younger children.


Colour, shape and size – we have it all!  Choose from our range of beads sourced especially for children’s parties, events or workshops.  We have created some great assorted bead mixes that the kids will love.  Both plastic beads and wooden beads have been selected to suit all tastes.  Threading beads is a good development skills for smaller children.  Mix them up and see what beautiful jewellery they can create!

These bead mixes are for children but we must stress parental supervision at all times is needed with small parts.


We have a choice of black, white or a mixed colourful pack.  They can use one or two pieces of thread together to make it more colourful.  Either thread away bead on bead or add some knots here and there for extra styling.

Jewellery Making
Wooden Bead Bracelet
Jewellery Making Bracelet

Party Bags

No need for party bag fillers the children can take home their wonderful jewellery creations, saving you time and money!