Foam Craft Ideas For Children

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Planning Your Party:

One of the easiest and least messy parties to organise.  The majority of our foam shapes are self adhesive, so the kids just need to peel and stick.  You may need some PVA glue to add extra crafty bits e.g. jewels, ribbons, pom poms, wiggly eyes.  Just cover a table with a big plastic table cloth and lay out some dishes or trays along the centre of the table so the children can easily reach them.  Place different foam themes and the other crafty bits you have chosen on the trays.  Let the children choose which bits they like and they can get busy personalising their own photo frames or notebooks.

Children like to explore with colour and use their imagination.  Foam crafts are easy and extremely effective.  The photo frames come in a variety of bright fun colours that will really appeal to kids.  They can get creative with a choice of foam shapes and alphabet pieces.  Add a little extra funky by offering them some sparkly jewels, ribbons, pom poms or wiggly eyes.

A great way to develop their creative ideas.

Fun Note Book / Diary

Make your own book! Decorate the cover using a variety of  foam shapes e.g. flower, heart, funky shapes.  Use the alphabet foam to personalise your book by adding your name in bold.  You can always add a little extra dazzle with some jewels, sequins or ribbon.  3D craft paint pens work really well on these book and add another dimension.

paper mache book

Create Funky Photo Frames!

Pack of 10 different bright colour frames which include some fun foam shapes to decorate the frames with.  Great craft party idea for little one’s.  Why not take a photo at the party and add to your frame as a momento?

Foam Craft

Put Your Name On It!