So its that time of year again. We know its going to be a little different this year with families maybe struggling to get together like usual.  But it is still an exciting time for children.  One of my favourite things I did with my children when they were young was decorating the Christmas tree together.  All the Christmas tree decorations boxes would come down from loft, the Christmas tunes would come on, and we would all hang our decorations on the tree.  My kids were allowed to buy a new ornament every year.  But we would also make lots of decorations too.  So when we go through the decorations box every year it’s fun to remember who made what.  My children are in their 20’s now but I still love it when the old decorations come out.  Our Christmas tree becomes a twinkly wonder full of family memories.

As we unfortunately find ourselves in lockdown again, its a perfect time to create some festive fun with your kids.  So we have a few lovely little felt sewing kits that would be great to make together.  We have Santa, Reindeer, Penguin, Gingerbread House, Dachshund and an Owl.  Each kit comes with everything you need (oh you may also need a pair of scissors or a drop of glue).  Instructions are included as well as a plastic needle for the children for safety.  The felt shapes are all pre-cut and ready for sewing.  Nice starter sewing kit for the little ones.

So when you get your Christmas tree out the kids can hang their new creations with pride.