Children's purse to paint

Design your own purse – a nice easy introduction to fabric painting for children.  Paint and decorate your own purse!  Little white cotton purses with a zip to close ready for an explosion of colour. Provide the children with a fun choice of paints and pens and see where their imagination will go. One colour or six colours, a rainbow who knows?

Imagine a table full of excited kids with their blank white cotton children’s purse placed in front of them. All staring at the colours of paints and pens laid out in front of them on the table.  With sparkly jewels, shiny satin red hearts, beautiful felt butterflies and fun mini bows there is so much choice.  Let them dive into the world of art and craft, play with colours and textures and get ready for some fantastic results.

Giotto Fabric Pens
Fabric Paints Funky
Pearl 3D Craft Fabric Paints

Use either fabric paints, fabric pens or fabric crayons to colours the children’s purses.  Painting is easy to apply with either a brush or sponge dabbers, the mini dabbers are good fun for this activity. Fabric pens will glide and colour easily on this fabric too as will the fabric crayons.  Its really just a personal preference.  Our recommendation would be a mixture of paint and either pens or crayons so there is plenty for everyone and a good choice.  We have paint palettes, paint brushes, sponge dabbers and pva glue all available to complete your craft activity.  Disposable aprons and a plastic table cover are also a good idea.

children's purse

Once the paints are dry on the kids purses then the fun begins with adding all the crafty bits and bobs. Maybe time for a quick party game whilst the paint dries? With a dot of fabric glue they can decorate away with all the little embellishments available because kids love them. E.g. ribbons, jewels, satin hearts, mini bows as well as felt butterflies.  Just beautiful!

red satin hearts
felt butterflies

We supply it ……… create it!