Children's Crowns

One of the most popular children’s party craft activity is decorating your own party crowns

What great fun for the little ones. Decorate your own crown with so many colourful crafty bits and pieces.  Get some feathers, pom poms, foam shapes and obviously some jewels and have some sticking fun. You can also give the children some colouring pens to draw and colour on their crowns too. The kids can stick on and draw as much as they want and can get really creative.  A nice opportunity for them to play with colours and textures with their friends.  Who can make the tallest crown? The most dazzling crown?

Our crowns have been designed and manufactured by ourselves, KidzCraft.  They are produced from thick 300g white card. So great quality that allows the kids to stick loads of bits on and colour nicely.  Lay the crowns out flat in front of the children so they can easily colour and decorate. The crowns can be fitted to each child’s head easily with a tab and slit at the back with six different sizes to choose from.  You can purchase a pack of 10 blank white card crowns ready for your party.

Decorations Kit

The perfect kit for plenty of decorating.  We have put together a kit including Stickers, Foam Shapes and Jewels.  More than enough to make 10 fabulous crowns.  You can also add extras for your party to give the kids even more choices if you wish.  These could include Feathers, Colouring Pens, Pom Poms or Glitter Glue Pens.  Have a look at our Crowns page in our shop for more information.

Children's Crown Decorations Kit
Make Your Own Party Crowns

Setting Up For the Party

Such a lovely easy party activity to do. Just lay a crown out in front of each child at a table.  Scatter the decorations along the middle of the table so all the children can reach them.  They will be in awe of the colours and choices and will have a ball decorating their crowns.

Craft Party Fun For The Little One’s