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Special Offers on children’s craft products for kids parties, craft activities and also creative gift ideas.

  • Sale!
    • Natural cotton drawstring bag
    • Design Your Own Bag!
    • It could be a swimming bag, P.E. kit bag, sleepover bag, beach bag or even a lovely gift
    • Get creative with fabric paints, 3D fabric paints as well as fabric pens
    • 100% natural cotton with rope drawstrings
    • Decorate with some optional extras like add some Jazzy Jewels, Felt Flowers, Felt Hearts or some fun Ribbon Riot!
    • Bag size - 41cm x 37cm
  • Sale!

    White Cotton Children's Purse

    • White cotton children's purse with zip
    • Design and decorate your own
    • Use either fabric paints, fabric pens or 3D paints
    • Create your own funky look
    • Measurements:  12cm x 9cm
  • Sale!
    • Create your own colourful lizard
    • Use Giotto fabric marker pens
    • Add some 3D fun too with 3D paints - Neon, Pearl or Glow In the Dark sets
    • Approx 12cm length by 7cm width
    • White fabric with black eyes attached
    • Lizards are filled with sand
    • Brilliant idea for a kids craft party activity - Kids will love them!
    • Sold separately so you can purchase the exact number you need
  • Sale!
    • Mixed set of paint brushes for art and craft
    • Hog bristle round tip in sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
    • A wide choice of end results from thin to thick brush strokes
    • Pack of 8
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