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KidzCraft stock a variety of different paints & brushes for different craft techniques.

There are 5 sets of Craft Acrylic Paints to choose from: Funky, Standard, Pastel, Metallic Metals and Metallic Pearly Colours.  Use these for Pottery Painting, Paper Mache, Plastic Masks, Wooden Chests.

We stock 11 different Dylon Fabric Paint Colours for all your fabric painting activities.  A Dylon Funky Set of 6 popular colours and also a Dylon Standard Set have been produced for ease of choice for your parties.

Mug Painting needs specific Marabu Porcelain Paints

Painting accessories are also available: Palettes, Brushes, Sponge Dabbers and Stencils.  Everyone you need in one place!