A lot of craft activities will need the addition of glues & adhesives of some sort.  PVA glue for adding embellishments to your crowns, pirate treasure chests, trinket boxes, bird houses and also face masks. PVA 60ml is an ideal party size, so have a few of these around the table for the kids to share.

If you are fixing jewels or embellishments to fabric painting activities you will need to buy the fabric glue.  This would be for fixing on t-shirts, pencil cases, kit bags and also caps.  Fabric Glue 118ml is a good amount of glue and will go a long way.  Buy one and dispense into small pots for the kids to share.

    • PVA glue
    • Anita's Tacky PVA Craft Glue
    • Squeezy bottle with nozzle
    • Quick drying glue!
    • Great size for little hands!
    • Perfect for children's parties and for all sorts of craft activities
    • 60ml
    • Craft fabric glue
    • Suitable for all fabric and craft projects
    • 2 way applicator
    • Safe, non-toxic, washable and dries clear
    • Leave to dry for 24 hours before washing at 30°C
    • 118ml bottle with nozzle
    • This glue goes a long way!
  • Glue Spreader
    • Glue spreader white plastic and flexible
    • Great for any art and craft activities
    • Ideal for both children and adults
    • Easily washed with warm soapy water
    • Re-use over and over again
    • Suitable for home, school and work craft activities
    • Sold individually
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