Sparkle time! Lets everything shine.  KidzCraft stock glitter shakers, poms, glitter glue pens and also chenille stems.  Children love a bit of sparkles we know, try getting it off them.  Big tip – plastic table covers are the answer and total necessity here.  Christmas craft activities always need some sparkly bits.  You can mix it in paints too for a shiny look.  You can also mix it in glue to make a bit of a varnish.  Sprinkle on crafts like your Pirate Treasure Chest, Jewellery Box or Party Crowns as well as home made birthday cards for some extra sparkly touch. Sparkly fun!

    • Glitter glue pens
    • Add some glitter to your craft activities!
    • Perfect party pack size
    • Easy to use fine glitter glue pens
    • Assorted colours in clear plastic squeezable tubes with nozzle
    • A pack of 12 x 10ml
    • Glitter shakers
    • Six sparkling colours - Blue, Silver, Red, Gold, Green and White
    • Great for kids and all sorts of craft activities
    • Christmas craft essential
    • Pack of 6
    • Glitter pom poms in assorted colours and sizes
    • Soft fluffy pom poms
    • Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Yellow and Red
    • Assorted sizes 15 - 40mm
    • Fix with a dot of Anita's PVA Tacky Glue
    • Great fun to add to lots of children's craft activities!
    • Perfect for Christmas crafts
    • 30g (approx 30 poms)