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Clearance / discontinued items are either discontinued products or slightly faulty items for sale.  The fault will be listed so the buyer is aware before purchase.  Faults could be small hole in t-shirt or slight chip on piece of pottery etc.

    • Paint brushes pointed
    • Imitation squirrel hair paint brush
    • Wooden handle
    • Assorted sizes from 04 to 12
    • Suitable for more detailed painting on fabric, pottery, glass and masks etc
    • Pack of 15
    • Wooden paint brushes
    • Short round hog bristle paint brush
    • Assorted sizes from 04 to 12
    • Suitable for all types of painting like pottery, paper mache, plastic masks and also fabric painting
    • Good size for children to handle and use
    • Good quality brush
    • Wash with water and use again and again
    • Pack of 12