Paper, scissors, glue, paints, glitter, feathers, pasta, string etc.

How does playing with all these help the children’s development skills?

Play time with Art & Craft

Fine Motor Skills

Developing control of fingers, picking up small parts, holding a pen, using scissors.  All great development skills to learn in a fun way with art & craft.

Focus and concentration

Its a great discipline to learn to spend time thinking and concentrating on how to complete a project.  Also very satisfying for children when they have finished their piece and can show it off with huge pride.

Understanding and following instructions

Learning to listen, understand what is asked, discussing ideas are all great development skills for kids. This might come from a parent, a teacher or even a friend.

Learn to finish a project

Sometimes kids can be in a rush and just want to splat some paint on, throw on some glitter and jobs done.  However, if they are encouraged to think about what they are making and how to do it, they will enjoy the end result.

Problem solving skills

Working out how to make and create is all part of the creative fun.  Thinking about what colours to mix to create other colours.  How to make a 3D look by sticking on top of other things. Simple things like how to glue and fix. All fantastic learning.

Using Imagination

Bring out the creativity in children, encourage them to use their imagination and look for ideas on how to make something.  What would happen if we used foil rather than card? Would glitter help? Shall we make it bigger? Options are endless and can be so fun.

Learning from others

Children watch and learn. When they do art & craft together, they pick up ideas from each other and even help each other. We all need a little inspiration at times from others.  Its good to share.

Getting away from screens

In a world of mobile phones, tv screens, game consoles its great to get children away from them and get creative!